About Us

Since 2013, BRIDOX has been rendering business development consultancy from its base in Dublin and around the world. Our experience and knowledge run across many disciplines and fields of expertise. We focus on innovative subjects and provide clients with expert advice, that goes beyond their own abilities and know- how, in order to bring their businesses to the place they aspire to be. Companies on the brink of expansion into a new area of expertise or market, mostly seek experts who can fill in their knowledge gaps and supply solutions in order to create a competitive advantage. Also, business development requires a deep understanding of the clients' business strengths and careful planning involving first-hand local information. We offer a package of services that enhances the clients' abilities. We know how to translate all the information and capabilities into strategy, specifically tailored for the clients' needs. We provide solutions, data, and knowledge along with a time and cost effective approach. Our team has been working around the world with our signature market entry strategy, achieving great results. Our best qualities are our immeasurable experience in cutting-edge ventures in emergent markets, and our global net of professional connections. BRIDOX has strong ties with a web of international business advisors. These close relations, boost our advantage in winning bids, and in getting the latest knowledge for our clients. We prefer to focus on advanced technology projects, but, if we feel that we have an added value, we are always ready to explore other fields of interest.

Our Core Values
Business theories and well designed business approaches are the basis for every business development consultancy. However, in order to become the clients' best candidate for the job, we need to offer something beyond, which is uniquely ours. In order to be able create business opportunities for our clients, we have cultivated our own core values that serve as an "organizational lighthouse" for all of our employees:

Our Team

We have a team of multidisciplinary experts which have created our own methodology and can tailor it according to the client's needs and business goals. Whether trying to enter a new market, looking for new business partners, or interested in creating new partnerships, we have the skills you requires. We offer independent experts, or a larger team, depends on the assignment and the client's requirements. Whatever skill we have, it is always directed towards our joint goal, which is to maximize our clients' market share and profits. We have also managed to build great connections with a great web of international and interdisciplinary knowledge agents, which we consult and procure when needed. This additional ability makes us the best choice for our clients.
Our Business Development Consultancy Services

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